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Authentic Pashmina Cashmere from Kashmir


main cashmere

True cashmere, derived from where it was first discovered, in Kashmir. It is called here Pashmina, or soft gold, as this is one of the finest and most luxurious fibers in the world. 

The extra fine undercoat -the down- is combed out from the small Pashmina goat by the Changpa nomads of the high Ladakh range. The hair is handspun in homes, then carefully hand loomed on traditional wooden looms. 

Up to 20 families are involved in the making of one pashmina. They are now available in modern designs -ikat, striped, check and netted- or in more traditional designs with micro embroidery and block printing. 

Indulge yourself and invest in an amazing handspun cashmere pashmina, that will last for a lifetime with proper care.

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New development coming for 2019!

The current store will specialize in cashmere only starting 2019, we will still sell other variety of scarves on other platforms. 

Our schedule for December 2018 in Alberta

We are now in Edmonton and we will have a booth at Rudolph's Shopping Extravaganza, Dec 15 and 16 at the Aviation Museum,11410 Kingsway NW Edmonton, T5G 0X4. We will return to Banff & Canmore December 21rst. 

Shipping is free on all orders to Canada and USA

Shipping is free to Canada and USA locations for all our cashmere products. No minimum order.  Offer valid until June 30th 2019

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