Shabkar is the new Magic Pashmina

We are now Shabkar; Same project, new name, new brand

It is official, Magic Pashmina is now Shabkar Scarves & Shawls with a new logo. Why this radical change? Well, it was necessary for the survival of our wonderful project. Its all about branding and marketing.

Personally, I enjoyed Magic Pashmina.  In my mind, Magic is more about its mystical meaning than the literal one, and Pashmina is all about what I am trying to market; the original true cashmere as created and made by the Kashmir people. 


Unfortunately, it had no marketing value. 

It was a losing battle against the mass marketing of pashmina by China. For the majority of people pashmina is cheap, can be bought in any thrift store or street market for a few dollars. And then "Magic" didn’t help at all. Magic has more fantasy connotation in the collective modern mind, its all about emotions, fun and illusions. 


Its all about branding

The name never turned off potential buyers, but the lack of tag often did. And would those buyers who wanted a tag would buy a scarf with Magic Pashmina? Perhaps not. It wouldn't look exclusive and would have too many similarities with those 100% pashmina tags on 10 dollar scarves. And let's not get into that lame logo  the peacock statue with the red scarf. He was more a creepy comic character than a true representation of a brand.


A little history of the former name

Magic Pashmina was born as Magie du Foulard (Magic of scarves in French)  in India in 2014. That is when I opened and managed a scarf store in Rajasthan with the intent of marketing the concept of scarf parties back home in Canada. Later on, in 2016 after the store was closed and I was developing the online store, I updated the name to Magic Pashmina to appeal to the English population of North America.


Then came Shabkar in May 2018

Finding a new name was not easy; it had to sound great in any language, had to evoke exoticism, something unique, almost mystic (to keep the mood as intended with magic). And ideally, come from the Himalayas. Shabkar is all that and more, its the name of a great Tibetan Buddhist and with teaching that did have a profound impact on me. But that is personal and nothing much to do with scarves. I gave myself the permission to use this name as its intent, deep meaning and sound reflect what I ultimately I wish for my Himalayan scarf project.


Now we are ready for the tags, except on handmade cashmere of course

All our merino wool and machine-made grade cashmere from Nepal will be tagged with Shabkar. But none of our handmade cashmere will have the tag. These are art work and tagging can take value out.  Remember, one way of recognizing a real cashmere; if its tagged, its fake or machine made. Real handwoven from handwoven cashmere is never tagged. It own essence reflects its own quality, no tagging is necessary.









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Shipping is free on all orders to Canada and USA

Shipping is free to Canada and USA locations for all our cashmere products. No minimum order.  Offer valid until June 30th 2019

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