2017 Color Trends

These 2017 color trends will have you in awe

From relaxing cool tones to bold warm tones all these colors will have you digging through your wardrobe looking for the closest matches. Pantone has released their summer 2017 color trends and all of them are absolutely mesmerizing!


Niagara Blue

The relaxing and soft blue is truly an elegant color. Niagara Blue has a peaceful and charming effect and this color is so adaptable it can be paired with any item in your closet. 


Primrose Yellow

Bright and bold yellow is everywhere this summer, reminding us just how cheerful and sunny the days are. Pair it with more subtle tones for a little pop of color, or dare to pair in with dark blue or aqua for a contrasting and shocking look.


Pale Dogwood

A beautiful and subtle blush shade, this feminine color represents a certain sophistication and carries an aura of innocence with it. It's an easy color to look at and it adds a glow and freshness to whoever is wearing it.



A color stuck between red and orange this flamboyant and vibrant color is one that is sure to catch everyone's eye this year. It screams energetic and fun and no matter what you wear it with it has that wow factor and is definitely an attention getter. 


Lapis Blue

This daring, confident and brilliant blue is one of our favorites! It radiates strength but also has a calming effect depending on how it's worn. Just like the Lapis Lazuli stone, it radiates a gorgeous glow, especially when paired with gold. 



Earthy, fresh and filled with life, greenery is a favorite in the fashion world right now. It's a tangy yellow-green mixture that speaks to our need to get outside and enjoy the greenery mother nature has to offer. 


Island Paradise

A refreshing and more subtle version of aqua, this dreamy blue reminds us of warm, tropical waters and is relaxing to the eyes. It brings with it a light and airy quality and gives off a certain elegance to those who wear it.



Pink Yarrow

Bold, bright and rich this color commands attention. This enchanting and exotic color will be hard to look away from as it easily exudes confidence while it tantalizes the senses.



While everyone is obsessing over greenery we're obsessing over Kale. This earthy and toned down green conveys a feeling of being hidden deep in the forest and carries a whimsical vibe along with it. This foliage based green is another one of our favorites as it urges us to connect with nature. 



Versatile and elegant, hazelnut is the perfect neutral color this season. It's charming and warm earthy appeal will effortlessly match with anything you have. This color will easily flow with any season. 


With all these beautiful colors in style now if the perfect time to delight yourself in our store. The Magic Pashmina Store has all of Pantones summer trend colors and so much more!

Melissa Roberts
Author: Melissa Roberts
Intrepid traveler, writer and photographer, part of Magic Pashmina team since April 2017.

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