Hand spinning cashmere in Kashmir

Let's give back the word Pashmina it's former glory

Weavers of Kashmir are better remembered by the legends and myths of those who crossed the deserts and valleys that stretch Eurasia to please the fascination of emperors and kings for the soft gold, or Pashmina, as pure real cashmere is known in Kashmir.

These incredible works of art are a spectacular act of devotion to the nature of textile. Lives have been spent delving into the nature of the weave and the stitch, creating classic masterpieces of immutable value.  Our online store is now open, giving the opportunity for North Americans to purchase a true pashmina.

To those with too many pashminas

But first we must fight the stereotype now associated with the word Pashmina; a cheap oriental style pashmina. I met so many people telling me how they had already too many pashminas in their collection of scarves.  You can read more about this in our post about what is NOT pashmina. 

Pashmina is beautiful, timeless, and expensive

But hey, they will last a lifetime, even beyond, and will be part of your family heirloom. Besides the value, it is the most comfortable and elegant fine fiber you will ever feel. When we first started our quest for the real pashmina, we published a series of articles.

Our 10 truths about Pashmina

Quest for Pashmina in Kashmir  part 1 and  part 2

And a little about Nepal who also uses the word Pashmina for its own cashmere garments. 

Buying online

Our beta store is now available for browsing. All photos have been done while traveling and will soon be replaced by more constant and professional ones. All scarves for sale are the ones that are in the photos!  Soon we will have more items available in each colors (except for cashmere pashmina, which is always made one of a kind). 

Buying a scarf online is not an easy decision. We prefer to sell to people who are well aware of the qualities of the products, or who met us in a trade show during our market study. Don't hesitate to email us your questions. We will be very happy to send you more photos or do a video meeting.







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Clearance sale and online store upcoming temporary closure

Online orders will be disabled on Sunday, Nov 4th, at midnight, for our upcoming trip to Asia. Everything is now on sale at local market prices. Use your coupon code sent in our latest newsletter Did you miss it? Check our ebay auctions and make an offer.

New development coming for 2019!

The current store will specialize in cashmere only starting 2019, we will still sell other variety of scarves on other platforms. 

Shipping is free on all orders to Canada and USA

Shipping is free to Canada and USA locations for all our cashmere products. No minimum order.  Offer valid until June 30th 2019

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