2017 Color Trends

From relaxing cool tones to bold warm tones all these colors will have you digging through your wardrobe looking for the closest matches. Pantone has released their summer 2017 color trends and all of them are absolutely mesmerizing!

Why fast fashion is cheap but far from free

Have you ever wondered how your clothes are made? Are you curious about how big fashion companies can sell their products so cheap? Or has it ever crossed your mind as to why all our clothing tags say "made in China" or "made in Bangladesh"?






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Latest News

Clearance sale and online store upcoming temporary closure

Online orders will be disabled on Sunday, Nov 4th, at midnight, for our upcoming trip to Asia. Everything is now on sale at local market prices. Use your coupon code sent in our latest newsletter Did you miss it? Check our ebay auctions and make an offer.

New development coming for 2019!

The current store will specialize in cashmere only starting 2019, we will still sell other variety of scarves on other platforms. 

Shipping is free on all orders to Canada and USA

Shipping is free to Canada and USA locations for all our cashmere products. No minimum order.  Offer valid until June 30th 2019

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